By the thousands,
Grow alongside busy roads
Where no one sees them.
The foundations of life
Have become scenery,
Shades of greens and yellows and orange,
That pass by in a blur,
As we speed after one delusion,
So that we can deal with another.

Somewhere outside a window,
A bee gathers pollen,
Helps one plant make love to another.
A tree houses entire civilizations
While turning fire into air.
In its branches,
One bird calls out to another,
And a squirrel drops a future tree to the ground.
Poor thing,
Scared by the sound of a chainsaw down below.
Two neighbors,
No longer arguing across a fence,
Have reached a compromise.

Discontent and outrage are great for keeping dollars moving,
But it’s love that gets blood pumping in your chest,
And fills every corner of your lungs.

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