My eyes open.

The world is no longer dark, but all remains a blur.

I flex my toes and stretch my feet.

Shift my legs from side to side and get the blood flowing.

My head feels heavy. No part of my body wants to move.

It’s hard, uncomfortable work, waking up from a dream.

I roll to my side and push myself up. Sit up straight. Breathe with my eyes on the floor.

Listen to the birds outside my window.

The fan in the corner of the room.

The neighbors who are already zipping by.

And the dog barking at each individual.

His barks so continuous that they blur into one.

It’s then that I realize I’ve been asleep for far too long.

Did I oversleep the alarm, or did it never chime?

No matter, there’s no rushing this now.

Waking up is a process. I take it one moment at a time.

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