This project, this website, began in 2014. My aim was to write and share a new short story every two weeks. I did this for two years.

Then, in 2016, my son manifested in this world. I’ve spent the time since learning how to be a father. This project went on hold.

Aside from my stories, I haven’t shared much about myself. I prefer to let the stories do that for me. I share my values in these words. In imagining the lives of other people, I learn what and who I am.

I do feel it’s time for me to share a few words outside of a narrative. I’ll call this an author’s note. Maybe more will follow.

I’m ready to write again. I intend to share stories every two weeks again starting with the beginning of the new year. I’ve also written a few poems over the past few months. I may continue with that on a regular schedule as well.

I’ve started the process of organizing what I have written into categories. You can now view stories that share a particular theme by opening the sidebar. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority of my work explores the theme of love.

If you want to know when each new story or poem arrives, you can now receive a notification in your inbox by subscribing to my mailing list. Thanks again for reading and for all of your support. Your presence is a gift.