I’ve written stories for nearly as long as I can remember. In the early days, I filled pages in composition notebooks. Then I switched to computers.

I’m not in love with words, but I love what words do. Stories change lives. They alter the way we view and inhabit the world. Long after facts and figures fade, and classes become a blur, stories remained lodged in our chest and the backs of our minds. They touch us in deep and intimate ways.

Yet while we may write in prose, we think in poetry. Some poems confuse us. Others offer insights that expand what and how we see. Poetry is raw and vulnerable in a way we seldom are in day-to-day speech. Writing poetry is an act of bearing witness and opening up.

This website is a space for me to continuously practice and share. Each story and poem is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. You’re free to share or republish them as you like. If you find yourself coming back often, I welcome donations and email. However you choose to show your support, every bit helps.

In addition to what you see on this site, I also write professionally. These days you can find me over at MakeUseOf, where I write about free and open source software, online privacy, digital ethics, and people-focused technology. Plus I offer a variety of freelance writing services to help support my family. I live in Virginia with my wife Ameya King and our young son.