I am Bertel King, Jr. I’m a native of the 757, though now I live in the 804. I graduated from the College of William and Mary, where I majored in the politics of this world we inhabit and the history of how we became the people we are now. The list of books I want to read grows faster than the list of books I’ve read, and that’s not even counting comics. In the great Windows vs. Mac debate, I prefer Linux, but I’m currently in an open relationship with both Chrome OS and Android, and I think it’s pretty serious.

I’ve told stories for most of life, filling up composition books and word processors with whatever charming characters my youthful mind could spawn. This passion eventually manifested itself into my first full-length novel, Painting Thoughts (which you can read up on in my interview with Beth Hobson). But in the years since, I stopped telling stories. I went to college, wrote papers, and got a job. Jobs, rather. These days you can find me over at MakeUseOf. Yet my desire to birth worlds and touch hearts never went away, so here I am, telling stories again.

These are short stories written, primarily, for practice. I won’t spend much time brainstorming or otherwise fleshing out these plots ahead of time. The idea is to sit down at the computer and write until I’ve hit a comfortable stopping point. It’s an exercise, and I intend to work out twice a month. Expect a new short story to show up every other Wednesday at noon.

If you like what you see, please hit up the share button at the bottom of each story and post using Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Of course, you’re free to use other platforms too. Just be sure to link back.

As for feedback, I’d love to hear it. I’m not providing a place for comments on this site, but, again, don’t hesitate to send me an email.

And if you just want to read, by all means, please read. That’s what this is all about.